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Short Stories
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What's All The Hullabaloo?


In another espionage story, the movie "Casino Royale" from 1965, the opening scene takes place in a Pissoir* in Paris.




* An open air public urinal.



The Fly


Say what you want about the sights and sounds of a ballgame.  The peanuts, the cracker jack, the beer, the vomit.  That is for the fans.




The Lost Island of Dreams


Sailing out of Caliz, bound for the New World. the little Caravel, Santa Spirito was enjoying a far easterly wind.



Italy was supposed to be a plumb assignment.  A reward from the agency for all those years in hell-holes like Kabul and Mogadishu, shaking roaches and scorpions out of my shorts........



More short stories coming soon. 

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